Web Page Quality Calculator

Answering the questions in this web design quality calculator will enable you to pinpoint aspects in your web page design that could be improved. These may be things you have not thought about, or considered unimportant. First you will see an "initializing" progress indicator and then the screen could go blank for a few seconds seconds while the calculator loads.
The exact load time will depend on the speed of your Internet connection.

## Please be patient while the calculator loads ##

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To find out how good your web page design is, you will need to answer a series of questions about your chosen web page.
You select the answers, either Yes, No, Don't Know, or Does not Apply, from a drop down menu next to each question.

There are questions in 12 categories essential to web page quality and you need to be able to answer at least 75 of them to get a design quality rating. Once you have answered the required questions your web page's design quality rating is shown on the final summary page of the calculator. The highest design quality rating that can be achieved is 10 which would mean you have a perfect design which is highly unlikely.

Quality Rating Score Web Design Quality
9 to 10 Outstanding
8 to 9 Excellent
7 to 8 Very Good
6 to 7 Good
4 to 6 Acceptable
2 to 4 Below
1 to 2 Poor
0 to 1 Very Poor
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You can print out the results from the calculator and use them to improve your website in the areas where it scored poorly or scored not as well as you would like.The information you input into the calculator is not stored, transmitted to us or any 3rd party and is entirely for your own use.

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