Split Test Duration Calculator

Buy @ Blurb BookstoreBy using multivariate split testing it is possible to test many changes to a landing page at the same time. The whole process of landing page optimization can be completed more quickly and with less visitor traffic. If you are paying to drive PPC traffic to a landing page, then multivariate testing can save you a lot of money and time. A page that can take many months to optimize using conventional simple A/B split testing can be completed in a few weeks using multivariate testing.

How long multivariate split-testing takes, depends on 5 aspects, the number of visitors to the landing page, the number of current sales from the page, the number of page factors to be tested and the number of variants of each factor to be tested. The 5th aspect involves consultation, design and setting up the test, which can take around 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the task.

The more factors on a page you want to test and the more the number of variations of those factors you test, the longer testing will take. If you have a low level of traffic to a page you need to keep the number of factors and variations as low as possible. By using this calculator with numbers from your own page you can determine how long a landing page optimization test would take for your landing page.

  Multivariate Test Duration Calculator      
  Average number of landing page Visitors per month    
  Average number of landing page Sales per month    
  Number of Factors to be tested on landing page    
  Number of Variations of each Factor to be tested    

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For example: Suppose a landing page received 3,000 visitors per month and 20 sales per month. If it was decided to test the page headline, the introduction to an offer and the offer price that would be 3 factors. Assuming 2 variations of each factor are tested, that's two headlines, two introductions and two offer prices. Using the test duration calculator above, you will see for this example it would take 10 weeks to complete the testing, including design and set-up.

While split testing will help improve landing page optimization and hence conversion, there are other factors that influence visitor behaviour that can also have a dramatic effect on landing page conversion. These visitor behavioural factors include things like visitor motivation, the level of anxiety they experience and whether they have the necessary funds to make a purchase.

Other factors that affect buyer behaviour are the value of your proposition as perceived by the visitor to the landing page. There are also the incentives to buy that are offered and the extent to which the buyer experiences problems or difficulties completing the sales process – a.k.a. sales friction. The relationships between these buyer behaviour factors are demonstrated in the Landing Page Conversion Predictor.