Profit Conversion Calculator

Buy @ Blurb BookstoreIncreasing the conversion rate of your most important web pages will reduce your dependence on visitor traffic. This means you will increase sales or sign-ups to your web site with fewer visitors.

Most webmasters spend a lot of time, money and effort getting more visitors to their web sites and very little time, money or effort improving web page conversion rate. What they should be doing is spending less time in search of more visitor traffic and more time improving conversion rates.

Take this example: A site's sales page gets 5,000 visitors and 50 sales per month which means the page has a conversion rate of 1% (5,000 x 1% = 50 Sales).

To double the number of sales would require doubling the traffic, or put another way would need a 100% increase in visitors (10,000 x 1% = 100 sales).

To double sales through <strong>improving conversion rate</strong> would require the webmaster to increase the conversion rate of the page from 1% to 2% (5,000 x 2% = 100 Sales).

So using this example which is easier ?
a) increasing web page conversion rate from 1% to 2%
b) increasing page visitors from 5,000 to 10,000 ?

To see how much additional profit you could be making by increasing your landing page conversion rate use the profit conversion calculator below. 

  Small improvements in conversion rate can make a  
    huge impact on your income. With this handy tool  
    find out how much more money you could be making.  
    Average number of Sales or Sign-Ups  
    per month from existing web page    
    Average Profit from each Sale or Sign-Up $  
    Percentage increase in Conversion Rate      
    using web page optimization      
    Additional Profit per month from Optimization    

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