About The Author

Buy @ Blurb BookstoreTony Simpson first started in web design 15 years ago. Since then, the Internet has developed and changed beyond recognition. Not only has design become more complex, so has search engine optimization, web page optimization, conversion improvement, marketing, website promotion and all the technology driving the net.

Before entering Cyberspace, Tony spent many years in electronics hardware design, research & development. He also worked in the telecommunications industry in network engineering, trouble-shooting, product testing, technical support and business management.

Tony has a B.Sc in Communications Engineering and is also a qualified trainer with experience in Customer Service, Staff Training, Sales & Marketing and has run his own off-line and online businesses.

For over 10 years, Tony has used his professional training to try to help other website owners navigate the pitfalls of trying to make it online.

Tony admits he still sees far too many site owners who lack even basic know-how and who don't face a reality check for many months, or even years, after launching their first website.

If this book improves a site owner’s know-how of what's really involved in making it online and shortens their reality check-in time it will have done its job.

A lot of people start an online business ill prepared for what’s ahead of them which is why Tony decided to write this book based on his own 15 years experience working with his own websites and those of clients.

Tony learned the hard way many years ago ... build it and they will come ... does not work and it's more true everyday the Internet gets bigger. He has also had his share of website ventures that failed, or should say didn't succeed, because nothing is really a failure if you learn from it.