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"Online Business - Do You Have What It Takes ?"

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Book - Starting an Online Business

Or, if you prefer to read my book
The book is for anyone thinking of starting an online business and is recommended reading before proceeding with a business idea.

The book covers more than the video course and adds more detail.
If you want to know how likely your business venture is to succeed online, before you become too committed, then this book is for you.

If you’re already committed to an online business, this book will guide you through checking your business assumptions, what’s involved in creating and optimizing a website, online marketing, website management, measuring web page and business performance and avoiding many common mistakes.

It would be impossible in any book like this, to cover every possible type of online business that someone might be wanting to start, or already started. The different types and variations of online business are almost endless, even though they share many things in common.

There are online businesses that don’t require your own website, by using one that already exists, and those where you choose to have your own website. This book deals mainly with online businesses that have, or are expecting to have their own website.

This book is not about money-making schemes or generating ideas for an online business, although they are discussed. It’s also not about how I made a 5 digit sum of money in X weeks and you can to, or how I became a millionaire ... which I didn’t.

Buy @ Blurb BookstoreIt’s true to say that with any business you can’t ignore the fact that luck is involved, or being in the right place at the right time. Many successful online businesses came about through sheer luck, with no planning or real expectations to be a success ...
It just happened !

Social media has made some people a living online through doing no more than producing entertaining video clips. Many people didn’t plan, or expect to make a lot of money from what they did, but were lucky and it took off. Of course, once anything shows itself to make good money, thousands of other people try to copy it ... without the same success.

The thousands of people trying to jump on the band-wagon don’t realize the wagon is already full or to use another expression - "The train has already left the station."

Once a successful idea reaches the public domain, people quickly want to copy it. Eventually there’s so much competition from people doing the same thing or using the same idea, it no longer works like it first did.

Some of the same people then often go on to make more money from selling a worn out scheme or idea to other people who don’t know the idea is already exhausted, or had its day.

Because the book pulls no punches, there will be some things that readers may not want to hear, or consider pessimistic, as it might dampen their enthusiasm. This book is based on over 15 years of personal experience with many online businesses. It’s considered a tell-it-like-it-is reality check for anyone considering an online business venture or for anyone who has already started one.

It’s considered essential reading for anyone
who wants to see if they have what it takes to be successful
and to check if they have chosen a viable online business

To look inside and preview 50 pages of the book click -> Look Inside Book  

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